Verse: Child, Book, Pen

(Originally shared on my FB Page on 21st March, 2016.)

There with the child, and his book, and his pen,
The magic, it whispers and beckons and then
Laughingly leads into darkness and lustre.

And when the caravan finally returns,
The child is a torch that the magic will burn
And beguile and beckon to fame and disaster.

But what will you say to the child with the book?
Will you have him beware of his pen?

Perhaps with a look and a touch and a whisper,
You will warn of the dark and the glitter,
And bid him be sure to remain his own master.

But the magic will call,
And the child will fall,
Book and pen and innocence all.

(I really tried to fit in a happy ending; I blame the pen. #WorldPoetryDay)