mradot makes things.

Hello, Ebenezer here. I’m a Christian cre­ative based in Tema, Ghana – design­ing logos & tees in my shop, and shar­ing pic­tures, writ­ing & music on my blog.

Large illustration of a pencil with eraser tip, captioned: "logos, posters, art by Ebenezer Agyeman"

My graphic portfolio

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A 3d cube rendering of the adinkra 'Nsaa' icon

Adinkra Sans: free icon set


Recent posts

Typography tips for poster design

I used to design type posters almost every­day; now it’s mainly brochures and reports. Recently I was won­der­ing if my process is solid enough to meet both needs – and more impor­tantly, how many design crimes are included in that process. Ideally I should have reviewed…

My favourite Ghanaian brandmarks

In my early years as a designer, I traced logos all the time. I sketched them in books, I stud­ied their grids, I spent hours on their curves. (The Joy FM logo was a real adven­ture.) This is prob­a­bly the cheap­est way to learn iden­tity design, and it really helped me.…

Verse: Zoom out

(Originally shared on my FB Page on 12th December, 2019.) Zoom out. Zoom out­till the tips ofyour thumb and index fin­gerspan three days’ journey,till rivers curve like the life­line in your palm,seeding civ­i­liza­tions. Then zoom out some more. Step back until the planets…