PoxVop: Cross-Pollination

This orig­i­nally appeared on mis​ter​agye​man​.blogspot​.com on March 13, 2015.

I’ve always wanted to make a comic strip of sorts. I used to do one, when I was eleven or twelve. It starred a stick figure with a win­ning blend of pol­i­tics and bath­room humour. It was called ‘Toiletman’.

Subtle, no?

I have had the name ‘Pox Vop’ for almost as long. This morn­ing, the Devil found my idle hands, and this hap­pened. ‘Cross-pol­li­na­tion’ is a pun; you see, ‘poll’ used to mean ‘head’ or ‘hair­cut’. Very hor­ri­ble, out­dated pun.