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Share a Coke with Aishatu

The Aftermath (return to Page 1: The Story)

If your buddy messes up and the uni­verse con­spires to punish him like this and you don’t tell people, what kind of friend are you?

We are moving for­ward on Twitter and Facebook.

Hashtags are #AshCoke; #Coke4Aishatu; #FOAishatu.

(Should we add #Aishatu4Prez? Let’s think about it.)

From there we have more plans. We want to share a Coke with Dela. Musa, of course. And def­i­nitely Nii. Someday, maybe even Zepheniah. Can it happen? Let’s see.


To Coca-Cola and Ogilvy Australia for the Share A Coke campaign.

To John Terry for the goal, with the assist from Lampard. For once, you made me smile.

And to all you crazy people. Yes, you!

Two Months Later…

Just as we decided to use our con­sid­er­able store of free time and cre­ativ­ity to bring this inspir­ing story to the masses, we heard in the vine that a pres­sure group from the north­ern regions of Ghana was push­ing for a boy­cott of Coke. We had con­sid­ered that angle. We thought it was a painful way to get the offi­cial con­ces­sion. Not that Coke is so painful to boy­cott (it is; it totally is) but because PR is pri­mar­ily a social tool. Which means soci­ety can manip­u­late it from the other end. The Share A Coke cam­paign usu­ally expands to include per­son­al­ized cans anyway.

Well, here we are. Now there’s the more impor­tant issue of home pride at stake, of course our little project fades into the back­ground. And the pres­sure has brought results, we see. All’s well that ends well, they say.

But wait- from a new friend of Aishatu comes the sug­ges­tion: The Chronicles of Aishatu. This lover of Coke and hater of John Terry- does (s)he find love? Does (s)he get that second degree? Brazilian or Peruvian weave? It is worth look­ing into, don’t you think?

Stay tuned.

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