Discovery: xkcd – The Pace of Modern Life

This orig­i­nally appeared on mis​ter​agye​man​.blogspot​.com on September 19, 2014.

I just found this on xkcd. (Many an hour spent there, oh yes.)

The actual image is very long, with sam­pled opin­ions stretch­ing down to our cur­rent day. I’m not sure if the author of the comic was making a point about how people always think the gen­er­a­tion before had it better – I call this the Golden Age phe­nom­e­non – or if he was illus­trat­ing a pattern.

I see a pat­tern myself. It’s made me quite solemn, actu­ally, because I uncon­sciously skipped about a fifth of the words in the quote, and I reg­u­larly read books. I had been think­ing about an image series on slow­ing down. I think I’ll do it soon.