Verse: Connection

(Originally shared on my FB Page on 17th November, 2016.)

Sure, I could hurt you.
With song I could crush you
like a thumb upon a moth
till you crum­ble all to powder on the floor.
But what for?

Yes I could move you;
With words I could wind you
Until you hung
I could.

But friends love friends –
keep warm by silence when fire ends –
Friends snug­gle in com­fort of ter­ri­ble cliché;
Infinite noth­ings and per­ish­ing days;
Pin hopes on a dying star.

Let’s stay right here, where we are,
This rough-hewn cage of content;

With gig­gles we’ll pity
The lights of the city
That never learned to wink.
We’ll stay dark –
(Wells stay dark)
Let them say we do not think.